Washer Settings: How to keep the washer from RUINING your clothes…

How would you like to know exactly what setting to put the washing machine on? Which clothes to wash together for those settings and how to keep from ruining any more of your clothes? Me too! So many of us wash clothes without really paying attention to the details of which clothes to wash and how. The first thing is to know which clothes to wash together and then which setting to put the washer on.

BE SURE TO PRE-TREAT STAINS BEFORE WASHING…this is my kryptonite! For a list of tough stains and how to get them out visit this post Got Tough Stains? 

Just as a general rule, pre-treat stains as you see them. This will save loads of laundry.

The last thing that I want to mention is KEEP THE WASHER CLEAN. Wash the washer, in essence. One cup bleach in the bottom and set to hot. Wash like you are washing clothes. If you have a washer that has a “Wash washer” setting, one cup bleach, set and go. You should do this once a month or every two weeks depending on how much you wash and how dirty what you wash is.

For example, my husband is a lineman. Some day she would come home with mud up to his knees and all over his shirt. I would clean the washer every Saturday to keep from getting stinky, dirty, “CLEAN” laundry.

SIDE NOTE: Wash something white after you wash the washer with bleach just in case some is left over…wouldn’t want ya ruining anymore clothes.

To simplify further, I put the laundry settings in a chart form Here. Print the FREE printable, make sure the laundry stains have been pre-treated, and wash according to the settings. *side note: wash the washer once or twice a month to insure the cleanest clean!

Be sure to check out my stain removal post, Got Tough Stains?

I am NOT a laundry authority, so if you have fabulous ideas for laundry settings PLEASE SHARE in the comments. I will add them to the post!!

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