Top 3 SwimWear Styles for Mommas

Swimwear. Just the word makes me say “ugh”. Buying the perfect swimwear takes some real body knowledge and patience and the perfect suit. Here’s my top three swimwear styles for mommas for this summer. 

I feel inspired when I see moms braising their bodies to the world without caring about what they should or shouldn’t look like. I read a story about a mom posting her photos on vacation showing her stretch marks and cellulite. I felt very inspired. I took up a running regimen, started eating healthier, and put on a two piece swimsuit for the first time in six years. These top three swimwear styles for mommas have something for everyone, from complete cover up to a little more exposure.

Just to keep it “legal”, I may get a small commission for the advertisers mentioned in this blog post. Now, on to the cool stuff…CupShe has super cute swim and some styles are on sale right now! Here’s some of the styles I want to highlight for mommas. Click on the photos for a direct link to purchase.  Click HERE to shop more styles!


The one piece swim suit is my “go-to” style for most swim related activity. As a mom, you know you will be playing all over the pool so you want everything to stay in place. Also, I like to wear the one piece when out in public to cover up my four kid stretch marks. Here are some super adorable ones!




















Another style that I like is a high waist bottom and bikini top. Covers the parts you want to be covered and still feel like a hot momma!


















Now I am very self-conscious about my “body after baby”, but there are those out there who did not get one stretchmark and look like they have never had a child. My best friend Valarie has the picture perfect body. She’s fit and didn’t gain weight and has maybe a few stretch marks but not a soul would notice! I am so thankful that you get to have that and that’s why I have a few bikinis that I think are DIVINE! (totally wear these when its just me, in the back yard, and the sun)


I spoke about my best friend Valarie earlier. She taught me a very important lesson: Although we may be critical of ourselves, having stretch marks, gaining weight, looking flabby, those are all part of the motherhood process. Without all of those things I would have four less kids that I love with all my heart so those aren’t UGLY marks…IT’S FLIPPING BEAUTIFUL!

Take these swim styles and have a memorable cruise, or a family vaca in Florida, or take the boat out on the lake: These top three styles will suit you no mater what your body type is.

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22 thoughts on “Top 3 SwimWear Styles for Mommas

  1. High waist bottoms are my fav, it helps hiding that mommy pooch I can’t seem to get rid of. Great post. I have a few suits I’m looking at.

    1. Couldn’t agree more! I think if you impress yourself that’s a win…I like getting dressed and wearing makeup but my problem is the time. That’s what I want my blog to help moms with: time management! Beauty is how you see yourself not to please others (except my husband, I like impressing him)

  2. I used to love buying swimwear. Now after having a kid, not so much. Thank you for the inspiration to see all the types out there. I really like the modern ones!

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