Not the WORST mom: Behind the Design

“…what I do know about you is that you’re not the worst mom.” Direct quote by the way. I have done quite a bit of soul-searching about what makes a good mom, a great mom, a bad mom, and I have come to one conclusion: She is right. I am not the worst mom. I AM THE BEST MOM. I am the best mom for MY kids. 

When you are thinking about the qualities of a great mom there are so many things that come to mind. Do I praise them enough? Do they feel loved enough? Do I favor one over the other? Am I too harsh? Do they get enough of my attention? Do I yell too much? Are we doing things as a family enough? But the sole key I see in all of those is AM I ENOUGH? Yes. Yes you are. No one is perfect, especially not me. I have made mistake after mistake. But I am a GREAT mom. 

After the she-devil sent me that message I was so fired up. As a mom, we are the protector of the kids, momma bears. When challenged by a crazy bear who has never had cubs of her own, I was ready to throw down! Who was she? Why does she have any right to judge me? She doesn’t really know me at all. She just knows what another person “told her”, kinda like the third grade or the internet (do you believe everything on the internet is true?) Spoiler alert. It’s not. But I was looking from the wrong angle. You see, there is truth in her hateful words and I am very proud that I am not the worst mom.

Moms are really our own worst enemy. We tell ourselves we aren’t good enough and that we could be better, we should try harder…but we don’t judge other moms. We can look at a mom and see the good. Wow, she brought the good snacks. Look at her, she looks so pretty today. Those kids have the best manners. Unless it is something OBVIOUSLY neglectful, we tend to see the good in others and the worst in ourselves.

My challenge to you is this: Tell yourself you are not the worst mom and one reason why before you go to bed every night, then eat a piece of chocolate! You are a mom and that is HARD WORK! Behind the design of this shirt is a big fat shut your pie hole to those inconsiderate duck farts in your life making you feel like you are not good enough. YOU ARE NOT THE WORST MOM! Let’s wear our shirts proud…we are not perfect but we are the best moms for our kids and we deserve to be proud of that.

Shoot me a comment. I’d love to hear about your “not the worst mom” story and grab you a shirt HERE to treat yourself for being a great mom (I’ll even throw in some chocolates)


Ali Jo

4 thoughts on “Not the WORST mom: Behind the Design

  1. Wow… sometimes I just don’t understand how people can be so mean or dense that they would say something like that. Thanks for this though! Love how you’re so encouraging! And yes to chocolate lol

    1. That’s very kind! People who do not have children of their own can be very critical…I’m just lucky to have such great kids. They make me the mom I want to be and as long as they are happy, I’m happy too!! Moms deserve some serious praise…it’s a hard job.

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