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Any mom knows, having kids is messy business. We get pooped on, peed on, puked on, bled on, snotted on, food spilled on us…it’s gross! I’ll be the first to tell you, it took me a while to get it together as a momma. Being unprepared for the mess of a child was overwhelming at times. That’s why I made an on the go stain kit for my car and one for my bag. No need to worry about stains again. Here are the things you need to fill your bag.

Let’s start with the basics: You need a small bag (or larger depending on how large your purse is). 

Alright, let’s fill that bag.

1.Tide and Clorox Pens. These are a commodity in any stain fighting kit because they are very handy. Use these on miscellaneous stains that aren’t incredibly hard to get out such as food and drinks. I buy the Tide Pen for colored clothed and the Clorox Stain Pens for whites.

2. Shout Wipes. The Shout Wipes can be paired with the Tide pen or Clorox pen to provide even more stain fighting action with the scrubbing. The only problem is that it usually leaves a larger wet surface than just the small pens.

3. Spray and Wash Stick. Let’s face it. Some stains are not coming out even though there is a guarantee for a particular stain to come out. Been there. Done that. Got the bumper sticker (or permanent stain in this case). I usually keep a change of clothes in the car for this particular emergency. Use the Spray ‘n Wash Stick to pretreat and hopefully it will come out in the wash. Hopefully.

4. Carbona Stain Removers. These little boogers are or “can be” a LIFE SAVER. As I stated, motherhood is messy. Even if you are not a momma, ever been to a baseball game? Men are messy too. Carbona makes stain removers for EVERYTHING…nail polish, glue, gum, chocolate, ketchup and mustard, ink, marker, crayon, dairy, blood, cooking oil, grease, dirt, make up, on and on and on. Fabulous. If you can afford to pick them all up I highly recommend it and put them in little spray bottles for compact use. If not I have a few others listed below.

5. Oxiclean Spray-A-Way. I use this sparingly. Its more expensive but it works the best if the Tide pen doesn’t do the trick. Use OxiClean Spray in conjunction with the shout wipes and you will be set.

6. Dryel. Works especially on those delicates. If you are heading to work and accidentally spill coffee, Dryel is for you!

7. QwikGo. This one gets proteins out of clothing like blood, milk, and ice cream.  is just useful to have because honestly, you never know!

8. Amodex. This one is my favorite stain removers. This is safe for your skin, any surface, and any clothing (I still use the Dryel on my dedicates). But it gets so many stains out that you wouldn’t expect one remover to do: Permanent marker, grass, crayon, ink, dye, paint, oil, berries, wine, chocolate, tomato, blood…etc. I like Amodex it for the kids.

9. Frey. A men’s stain remover. Frey was the only one I could find, I guess a carwash would work for them. Just Kidding…mostly.

10. WineOff. The name says it all WineOFF  . Most of the wine comes out, but you can also use white wine to get a red wine stain out, if you have both. 


I also pack a Wet Ones Travel Pack, Kleenex Slim Pack, and a WD-40 pen. WD-40 is for ground in or soaked in oil stains.

Lets break it down by bag size, shall we?which stain remover to use by how big your bag is



Now that you have your bag and have determined what your bag size is stuff that kit with your essentials. Choose from the ten I provided and add to it to suit you and your family. Make sure you have an extra set of clothes in the car, just in case, and keep your stain kit with you in your everyday bag for those little, or big, stain emergencies.

stuff the kit with your essential stain removers and add to your every day bag

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