5 tips to find clothes that fit EVERY TIME: #momspiration

How many times have you looked in your closet and sighed because you have lots of clothes and nothing to wear? That was me. Going shopping is such a fiasco. I have to pack snacks, the stroller, the diaper bag, THE BABY, THE TODDLER, look like a belong in public, and find the energy to actually shop. I know many of you reading this are mommas with kids, and if you are like me, you have to bring them with you on every shopping trip too. I am a stay at home mom and it is so easy to put my hair in a mom bun when I get up at 4am and stay in my sleep clothes all day. I had to get out of this funk. I wanted to neutralize the sadness of shopping and never finding a great fit. There are five tricks that I use to find clothes that fit every time I shop. Once I incorporated these five tricks into my shopping routine, I feel normal again (even through sleep deprivation).

The first trick I use is actually very simple. Get Pretty. Shower the night before or that morning, shave your legs and arm pits, put makeup on and fix your hair. You will be surprised how big of a difference this actually makes.  Your self esteem will increase by 80% guaranteed. When you feel like you look the clothes look good on you too.

“Get Pretty!”

Second, prepare for the trip. Shopping never goes as expected, at least for me anyway, so the night before the trip I always pack the diaper bag, clean out my purse, charge my phone and tablet for my daughter, and put everything at the door ready to go! Now you are thinking, “What the Sam Hill does this have to do with the fit of my clothes?” You are 10x more likely to be stressed upon leaving if you are still preparing to leave that morning, which means you are 5x more likely to cut your trip short because you forgot something, and finally are 3x more likely to grab and go instead of shop. See my logic? With a little time management you are able to find what you are looking for without feeling the crunch of time and/or toddlers. 

“Time management hold the keys to success”

The third trick that you will absolutely need to succeed in finding a perfect fit is to build an outfit. 27% of shoppers impulse buy at stores with no forethought into when or how they will wear the piece they are buying. Here’s a tip: look at spring outfits and design your own spring capsule wardrobe. Spring is so weird, you need winter and summer clothes and mix and match accordingly, ha, but really, totally true! 

“Build an Outfit”

Fourth find clothes that you love and don’t look at the size. I could tell you this all day, because when I shop all I look for is the size: Not a medium, not a medium, not a medium…oh, there’s one! What you are doing is eliminating clothes that could fit even though they are not your “size”. Look at the clothes and hold them to your body. If the middle seam touches the middle of your body, under your arms, on both sides, it probably will fit. I can usually tell around my chest. If it fits there it fits everywhere. My question to you is this: How does your clothing size make you feel? The answer is NOTHING. Which leads me to my next question: How do your clothes make you feel? Ahhh, see…there it is! What you wear says a lot about how you feel and who you are. 

“Finding clothes you love fit your body size not a tag.”

The final trick to finding clothes that fit is to try them on. I know how scary it is when you have kids with you finding a fitting room for all of the stuff you have to pack around. Here’s another free tip: Go into the handicap dressing room. Be sure to inform the staff that you would like that room and if another shopper needs it to come and let you know so you can vacate it for their needs (no one wants to be THAT shopper) You can put your pieces together and try them on right there without wondering if they will look good later. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING YOU DO NOT LOVE IN THE STORE! To quote one of my favorite actresses, Sandra Bullock, “…one thing I know about shopping is that if you do not absolutely love it in the store, you wont wear it. The store is where you like it the best.” (Blind Side) Genius!


The key to finding an outfit that you love is the fit…if it doesn’t fit you will not wear it.

Fact: 22-25% of all in-store purchases are returned.

Fact: 34% of consumers said they were unsatisfied with traditional apparel sizes found at most retailers

Fact: 85% of clothing shoppers said they would purchase more items if the fit was guaranteed.



My body is not a model body so it always feels like NOTHING fits properly. My midsection is soggy, my rear is bigger, and I’m short. As women, we are overly critical of our bodies which in turn makes us doubtful that we look good in anything. I have found that when I am shopping at retail stores, there is not a universal small, medium, or large in every store. One store I may fit in a small where another it may be an extra large. I can identify with that 85% can’t you?

Use the five times tips and tricks for a better shopping experience and to get your perfect fit every time.

5 tips to get the perfect fit

My piece of advice is this: If you feel good in it, it fits properly, then wear it with confidence! You are beautiful…even with cookie stained on your shirt and ketchup smeared on your face.

Spring is Beautiful and YOU are beautiful.


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