How I Save OVER $800 PER MONTH on Groceries

Going to the grocery is a daunting task, especially if you are buying for a large family like mine or a group for an event. The truth is, you cannot save money by buying spontaneously. In order to save money you must have a plan. I save my family of six $800 per month on our grocery bill by following these four simple rules:

• First, I check the circulars.

• Second, I find coupons and utilize money-saving apps and websites.

• Third, I create my meal plan.

• Fourth, I make the list.


First, I check the circulars. I usually go to Kroger because I can load coupons to my Kroger card and view the circular ALL from my iPhone. Here’s how I do it:

Second, I look at the coupons I can add to my Kroger card and go to to print out the others that I can use. The newspaper generally has coupon inserts that I cut from as well. Here are a list of the “couponing” websites that I use:

The apps are:

Third, I decide what meals we are eating for the week by checking what is on sale in the circulars; Here is an example:


I also stock up on items that are on sale so I do not have to pay full price for them. Like in my example, strawberries are on sale 4/$5. I can freeze these and use them for desserts and jello and making jelly. Which leads to my fourth point, I use this template to itemize what I need for the week, including non perishable items:

Grocery List

Depending on what is on sale, I also stockpile certain items that are generally very expensive such as detergent, TP, paper towels, etc. There’s nothing I hate worse than running out of toilet paper! I save the majority of my money buying Viva paper towels and Charming toilet paper when they are $4.99 and Tide detergent for $3.99. If you were to buy these items for full price they are $8 each! THAT’S $10 SAVINGS ON JUST THOSE THREE ITEMS!

There’s nothing I hate worse than running out of TOILET PAPER

I usually spend $150 a week for my family of six at the grocery and save $150-$200 from coupons and rebates per week.

Let me break it down for you:

By saving $200 a week in groceries, my family saves $9600 a year! NINETY-SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS 💵…that’s a Disney vacation!! What could you do with almost $10,000 savings? All you have to do is follow my four steps:

1. Circulars   2. Coupons  3. Meal Plan   4. List

If you plan for your grocery trip and base your meals on the sale items, the savings PILE UP! Now get that shopping engine running…..and go, go, go!

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