[ Slay-at-Home MOM Stylist ]


As a busy mom of four, I know the struggles of fashion and beauty. Some days I am lucky if I manage to get out of my pajamas! (or remember to brush my teeth, ewww) 

I came to the realization that although I may not feel like looking fabulous, I feel SOOOO much better when I do a little something with my hair and put on clothes that reach beyond yoga pants and a tee shirt. I know, I know…some days are just NOT HAPPENING, and I completely understand. That’s why I wanted to share my tips and tricks for busy moms on a budget to look and feel fabulous without taking hours.

Just a little about me: I have three boys and a girl. They range in age from 8 to infant. MY LIFE IS CHAOS… ha, ha, but really, it can be messy and time consuming, and frustrating, and sleep deprived…BUT I love my job. I was born to mom. I have worked very hard to perfect a routine that works for me and I hope that by sharing some of my failures and near misses, you can find a routine that makes you feel fabulous too!

I’m not a model figure either! I HATE looking at fashion online and thinking, “That would NEVER work for me”…but SPOILER ALERT: It does.

I cannot tan, I have stretch marks, and I am soggy in the midsection…ANYONE RELATE?? Of course you do! I want to prove that a mom, no mater what size or shape or color, can feel like a BEAUTIFUL woman. You ARE a beautiful woman. Own it. Control your life. Even though kids require A LOT of attention, you can take ten minutes for YOU. Lets go MOMS. Lets be MOMMA-LISCIOUS…together.