Mommas all have one thing in common: we want to have the least amount of fuss getting ready for the day as possible. When it comes to fixing our hair, mommas, you know we go for the easy! I want something to get the hair dry fast and not a crazy mess for morning. I have five hair styling tools on hand that help keep me on schedule and beautiful. Wanna know which ones?

Before we begin, I have to tell you that I may receive a small commission if you decide to buy any products linked from my site…and I hope you do because they are GREAT!

The first is the most obvious. HAIR DRYER. A great hair dryer can save you hours a week just blow drying your hair check out these stats:

“This blow dryer features an AC motor, which provides added power, and Conair claims it features 50 percent faster drying time than a traditional DC motor. Furthermore, this professional blow dryer features three heat settings and two speed options so you can get the results you need without over-drying and damaging your hair.” Top Ten Reviews: Conair Hair Dryer

My recommendation is for the Infiniti Pro by Conair. It has the most value and is a quick dry for your hair without damaging it. Sure there are better dryers that are lighter and quieter but this one has a four year warranty and a 50% quicker drying time! Economical and Efficient.

The next is essential for perfectly straight hair as well as curl manipulation…THE FLAT IRON. I prefer the CHI, but I have been using this GVP Ceramic Flat Iron which also comes with a free travel flat iron with purchase. We tend to do a lot of traveling so keeping an extra flat iron is so handy when packing!

PS. the travel flat iron is THE BEST!!!

I absolutely love the Styling Wand for getting those flowy waves that are super popular! I have two different styling wands…one for home and one for travel. The travel wand is perfect for keeping in my bag along with the travel flat iron. The wand is so much easier to curl with than the flat iron, especially when you have a toddler pulling on your legs (wink). For a limited time both come with a free heat accessory or brush!!

Number five of the hair styling tools is super handy! I love the curl that the wands give, like for a date night or just to give it that defined look, but when you are a mom of four, the deep waver is the easiest and fastest way to go. It takes literally five minutes to wave the hair and you are ready to go for the day.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know that you have everything you need to change up your look and take less time fixing your hair? With these five hair styling tools you can keep your schedule less jammed up getting ready and focus on the coffee getting cold on the counter. I don’t know about you, but one less thing I have to worry with in the morning is a stress reliever in itself!

I love the thought of hot coffee in the morning!!

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    1. I like the waver…it really does well with most hair types…except super curly, it’s probably a bigger effort to straighten (but I love curly hair sooooo much)

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