Got Tough Stains?

All busy moms look for simple ways to save time when doing the laundry, believe me, I HATE LAUNDRY! This chart helps break down the common stains we find on our clothes and how to get them out.

I’ll also show how to keep all your stain removers in a central location and how to keep this chart handy for those “stain emergencies”.

First, print this free laundry stain removal chart.

Second, if possible, have the chart laminated…or put in a page protector (busy moms utilize what we can-wink wink)

Third, get a tub. You can get these at Walmart or Dollar Tree for next to nothing. OR click Steel Tub to get one online (sometimes its easier just to order what we want and not have to leave the house to search for it.

Fourth, get a few spray bottles (you can find them HERE) and pre mix a few of the stain removers and label them. Put the removal items you need in the plastic tub and put the chart in the tub.

Keep the tub close to the washer, and if you are lucky enough to have a sink in the laundry room, next to the sink. I used the tub as my sink to scrub clothes in, then transfer them to the washer.

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