About the Cross’

Hey y’all! My family and I are down home southern folks with deep southern roots who believe in the Lord Jesus, cooking for an army, and living on a budget.

Our journey has been such a blessing, granted, it’s been long and rough at times. When John and I met, I was a single mom with three children, working midnight shift as a CNA at a nursing home. He was everything I wanted and more (spoiler alert: eHarmony blind date).

We have four kiddos. Yep, FOUR. I know, bless my heart, I’ve got my hands full, and YES, I’m certifiably cra-cra. Every day is a new challenge and new adventure.

I hope that I can share stories of inspiration and heartache and can help you solve a problem or share information you didn’t even know you needed.

•I want you to save MONEY, save TIME, and save HEADACHES•

So, take your coat off and stay a while…

The Cross’

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